Gallery: June 14 Severe Weather

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Storm clouds sat over southern Minnesota Thursday, drenching some areas with up to 10 inches of rain, turning golf course greens to ponds and roads into rivers.

WCCO-TV’s Aristea Brady covered the storms in Northfield, Minn., which received 6 to 9 inches of rain.  During her travels, she met up with emergency crews who told her she could no longer travel on Highway 19 because it was too dangerous.

Northfield News provided WCCO-TV with photos of the impressive rainfall. The images showed a car half-submerged in the middle of the street. Typically, June rainfall totals for that area are around 4 inches, according to meteorologist Matt Brickman. But some communities saw more than double that amount in just hours.

northfield flood 2 Up To 10 Inches Of Rain Falls In S. Minn., Causing Floods

(Jerry Smith/Northfield News)

Viewer photos from Stanton, Minn., also showed roads running with torrents of rainwater.

flood breannaolson stanton3 Up To 10 Inches Of Rain Falls In S. Minn., Causing Floods

(credit: Breanna Olson)

And not only rain fell. Photos from the Kenyon Leader, which were provided to WCCO-TV, also showed downed trees and shattered sheds near Cherry Grove Township.

strong wind damage cherry grove township kenyon leader megan henschen4 Up To 10 Inches Of Rain Falls In S. Minn., Causing Floods

(credit: Kenyon Leader/Megan Henschen)

Area officials have yet to release damage reports.

Emergency crews had to evacuate between 30 and 50 homes in Cannon Falls Friday morning due to rising waters near the Cannon River. The bridge in the main part of town has been closed because of flooding.


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