MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Even though he lives in Los Angeles, Vincent Kartheiser says he still wants a place close to home. Just not too close.

“At some point I will get a little hideaway in Minnesota,” the actor told WCCO’s John Williams. “Just something far enough away from my family, and close enough to my family.”

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The Minneapolis native has been acting for 20 years, but his stock has risen thanks to being the sniveling, smarmy, backstabbing advertising executive Pete Campbell. Kartheiser plays Campbell on AMC’s critically acclaimed drama “Mad Men.”

Kartheiser told John Williams that his success is sweeter considering the sacrifices his parents made.

“The amount of hours that my mom and dad spent driving me around to acting classes and plays and dance classes, (there was) a lot of dedication on their part,” Kartheiser said.

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Kartheiser took some time on WCCO Radio to clarify that he does, in fact, appreciate indoor plumbing.

Stories have surfaced on the web that suggest the actor lives such a simple life that at one time he did not have a toilet in his apartment. He says it was taken out of context when he told a reporter his place was under construction.

“I like to think I live a simple life,” he said. “(But) I’ve always had a toilet.”

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WCCO’s John Williams interviews “Mad Men” actor Vincent Kartheiser