MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — President Barack Obama’s announcement that illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children will not be deported is drawing cheers from immigration advocates.

But the announcement poses a real dilemma for these young people.

Under the president’s executive order, they will have to report to immigration authorities and then be given a two-year waiver to stay in the country.

But what if President Obama loses in November and President Mitt Romney rescinds the order?

These young people who had reported themselves under Obama’s order would be easily identifiable and likely to move to the top of the deportation line.

Romney has already said he will veto the Dream Act if it is ever passed.

That act would provide young people a path to citizenship who came to this country illegally.

Romney did not answer questions on whether he will repeal the president’s new order, but he did criticize it, saying it would make it more “difficult” to come up with a long-term solution.

The president’s action provides relief for children who were brought here illegally and who are currently law-abiding and productive citizens.

But it is asking them to do the impossible. The president’s order provides them with an enormous benefit, but with the chance that the rules of the game could be rewritten in just months, how many will take President Obama up on his offer?


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