MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — President Obama looked startled when a Congressman shouted “You lie!” after he said no illegal immigrants are covered in the new health care law.

But the Congressman was wrong.

The law does not cover illegal immigrants.

That’s just one symbol of confusion.

In fact, 47 percent of Americans say the law should be repealed, even though 48 percent say they don’t fully understand what’s in it.

Among the deliberate falsehoods out there — government death panels.

It’s not true.

The law would reimburse doctors for “end of life counseling sessions” during annual checkups: living wills and hospice care.
Counseling that all 50 states do already.

Liberal deceptions include this doozy: Republicans plan to kill Medicare…. and grandma, by the way.

In fact, Republicans did propose a Medicare overhaul — in 2022. Nothing changes for anyone on Medicare now.

Even the President is not immune.

He said it would be unprecedented if the Supreme Court overturns a law like this.

Not true: it’s happened many times.

He says health care is paid for. That’s not true, either.

Most of it hasn’t even gone into effect yet… and won’t until 2014.

And one distortion that won’t go away: It’s a government takeover.

No, it’s not. It’s actually the largest expansion of private insurance in U.S. history.

That’s Reality Check.

Other sources used for this Reality Check.

Politifact.org Health Care Deceptions

Additional Health Care Polling

Text of Affordable Care Act


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