MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There’s been an explosion of interest in microbrews in the Twin Cities as Minneapolis ranks in the top 10 cities in the U.S. for drinking microbrews.

Also in the microbrew scene is Minnesota’s neighbor – Wisconsin. Just like the Vikings/Packers and Twins/Brewers rivalries, there are beer competitions, too.

Matt Mithun wants us to consider Schell versus Point and Third Street versus Valkyrie.

“It’s really good beer,” he said. “We hand-selected them — it’s quite a process.”

Mithun created the Border Battle Beer Fest, as 100 different beers will face off on Saturday, July 14 at Somerset Amphitheater in Wisconsin, just 30 miles outside the Twin Cities.

A team of celebrity judges will choose a favorite.

“The winner gets the Golden Firkin,” Mithun said.

The goal is to keep small, locally brewed beers on the radar. A recent survey found 7 percent of adults in the Twin Cities have enjoyed a microbrew in the past month.

“You’re gonna walk in and get as many beers as you want in four hours,” Mithun said.

Wisconsin has nearly 100 breweries and brewpubs and Minnesota has closer to 40.

The Border Battle Beer Fest has a special half-off deal for WCCO viewers, use the coupon code “Battle,” and you can get in for just $15 on Saturday.

Jason DeRusha