MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Kids returning from camp appear to be bringing head lice home with them.

Doctors have seen a steady flow of campgoers, and other children who are spending time with friends being exposed to lice.

Whether its camp, or summer sports, kids are sharing baseball caps, sunglasses, even headbands – spreading lice along the way.

According to doctors at Metropolitan Pediatric Specialists, lice is not a cleanliness issues. It cuts across all social and economic lines.

Lice are slightly larger than a grain of pepper, and the eggs they lay or nits look like dandruff. But they are hard to get off of hair follicles.

Christina Doran works at Ladibugs Hair Care, which knows a thing or two about lice removal.

“We do have an FDA cleared medical device that blows out heated air and dehydrates the lice and nits in the hair,” said Doran.

Ladibugs Hair Care in St. Louis Park has a device to help clear up lice, called the Lousebuster. It’s a 30 minute treatment along with a 30 minute comb out.

“It feels like a massage,” she said.

Although doctors say most over the counter medication works, a more resistant lice has been seen locally, which isn’t responding to those box treatments.

It’s not hard to tell if your kid has been exposed.

“Sometime they’ll itch and sometimes there will be a little rash around their neck,” said Doran.

Ladibug Hair Care stands by its chemical and pesticide free products. They are also offering free hair checks every Tuesday in the month of July to help stop the spread of lice.

If you need additional treatment, it could cost about $180 bucks. Health savings or flex spending accounts cover the treatment.

Ladibug Hair Care is run by two nurses who suggest keeping long hair up in braids or in a tight ponytail to avoid hair to hair contact.

Also talking with your kids about sharing hats and even earphones can help cut down on the spread of lice.


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