By Crystal Grobe
cheese platter crystal grobe Bite Of Minnesota: No Oven Required

(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Remember how I talked about grilling on the 4th of July? I was quite excited about grilling pizza and had several flavor combinations in mind, but in reality it never happened. First, family business called and I had to assist in non-traditional 4th of July activities and second, it was too darn hot! Did anyone else forgo grilling due to the heat?

After a long day of physical labor in a non-air-conditioned warehouse, I swung by the co-op and combed through the “extras” in the cheese section. The “extras” bin seems to be a new thing where little pieces of cheese are wrapped up and sold for less than $2. I love it as it allows me to try new cheeses without paying tons of money for it. Plus, it’s perfect for a cheese platter!

Here’s what I put on my cheese board:

— Aged manchego
— Grafton maple smoked Vermont cheddar
— Donnay Dairy organic chevre (drizzled with honey)
— Castle Rock organic blue
— Double cream brie
— Roasted tomatoes
— Marcona almonds
— Kalamata olives
— Date jam
— Prosciutto
— Fresh blueberries from the Linden Hills Market
— Fresh raspberries from the Uptown Market

Paired with some crackers and mini toasts, this was the perfect dinner on a hot day and best of all, no oven was required!


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