MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s hurricane season. So who names them?

That’s what Amber from Dawson, Minn., and Teicha from Brooklyn Park, Minn., emailed to ask.

The World Meteorological Organization has an international committee that selects the names.

There are only 126 names in play. The group keeps six lists of 21 names (A through W), and they repeat them. So this year’s list will repeat in 2018.

That same committee removes names from the list if a storm is extremely deadly or devastating. There will never be another Hurricane Katrina, for example.

Don Hernandez from Lake Elmo, Minn., has a couple questions on tipping. First: Pizza places charge for delivery, so do I need to tip the pizza delivery driver?

Yes. The delivery charge goes to the pizza place. It almost never goes to the driver. So tip the pizza guy or gal!

And do we tip on the food before tax?

I always tip post-tax, and the highest restaurant tax rate in the country is downtown Minneapolis — 10.755 percent.

So if you eat 100 bucks worth of food. The tax is $10.76, giving you a total bill of $110.76. Say you tip 20 percent: Pre-tax you’d tip $20; after tax you’d tip $22. It’s two bucks. Who cares? Tip after tax.

Vera from St. Joseph, Minn., wonders about TV anchors and our outfits. Do TV stations provide clothing?

On some national shows, you’ll see the words “clothing provided by…” but in local news, everyone buys their own stuff, and we all pick our own clothes, too.

That’s why Amelia Santaniello’s awesome style gives you a sense of her personality. Likewise, you get a sense of my personality based on what I’m wearing. Right?


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