MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Wi-Fi will soon be available at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Advanced Wireless Group (AWG), the company who will provide the service, announced it was awarded the five-year contract, and it starts up on Oct. 1.

“Travelers have indicated over the years that free Internet access is important to them, and we are pleased that we will soon be able to offer it at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport,” said Jeff Hamiel, executive director of the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

Airport spokeswoman Melissa Scovronski says not having free Wi-Fi is the top complaint from travelers.

Currently, the airport charges $7.95 for 24-hour web access.

AWG will provide 30 to 45 minutes of free connectivity after watching a 30-second commercial. Once the time is up, another advertisement will show, and the session will continue.

“Airport travelers to the Twin Cities will be offered a Wi-Fi model tailored specifically to their needs,” said Scott Phillips, president and CEO of AWG.

AWG also provides Wi-Fi service to LAX Airport in Los Angeles, Boston’s Logan International Airport and the Indianapolis International Airport.