WINDOM, Minn. (WCCO) — Some dreams take years to come true, but a Minnesota mother and daughter’s wish simply couldn’t wait.

Tammy Hall and her daughter Tyann Marcy put a lot of heart, time and effort into making this a reality: For the first time, women in Windom and nearby towns can come to the Windom Area Hospital to get a digital mammogram.

“It’s a relief because when you do find something wrong, you don’t want to wait. It’s the waiting that kills you,” said Tammy.

Tammy knows firsthand how that feels. A year and a half ago, she felt a lump in her breast. At first, she was told she would have to wait three weeks for the mobile mammogram unit to come to town.

From that moment on, Tammy and Tyann decided no woman should have to wait.

As Tammy fought breast cancer, the two organized a walk, raised $40,000 and got their community behind them.

The donations, coupled with a private donation, helped the small hospital purchase the $200,000 equipment.

“We’re going to be able to reach out to about 2,000 women a year,” said Katie Slette with the Windom Area Hospital. “For us, it’s a significant percentage of our population and we’re thrilled.”

Tyann was their first patient.

For all the women who follow, a piece of inspiration hangs on the wall: A pink ribbon with angel’s wings. It’s a symbol of the mother and daughter who helped ensure other women won’t have to wait.

“I can’t even tell you the emotion, the pride. I guess it’s really pride,” said Tammy.

It’s been a year and 8 months since Tammy was diagnosed with breast cancer and she has remained cancer-free.

Tammy and her daughter have another breast cancer walk scheduled for this fall. They plan to keep raising money to help pay off the mammography equipment and to help families with the costs of cancer treatment.


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