MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Feeling guilty about about knocking a few back? You may not be after hearing this: Drinking beer can help protect against heart disease and lower the risk of hypertension.

That is, with moderate consumption, of course. That is according to a study from the Deparment of Nutrition from Harvard. Many of beer’s benefits stem from natural antioxidants called phenols, found in beer, wine and many other foods.

Ales and lagers (think darker beers) have higher phenol concentration, which means they pack more heart-protection powers. As it turns out, all beers are not created equal, so grabbing whichever is on happy hour special doesn’t guarantee these health benefits.

But here are a few that will:

Guinness Draft, a dark Irish blend, is famous for quenching thirsts on St. Patrick’s Day and is packed with phenols. This super-dark staple brings the taste and feel of a stout with fewer carbohydrates and calories. Suprisingly, in 12 ounces it has 126 calories and 10 carb grams.

If you’re looking to skip gluten, New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale uses sorghum, corn and raspberry puree malty to create a not-too-sweet fruity brew with extra antioxidants from the berries. This beer has 160 calories and 17 carb grams.

Finally, if you’re looking for flavor and fewer calories, Sam Adam’s Light Lager is a good choice. This lighter beer still has a strong flavor and is perfect for those looking to stay health conscious without skimping on the taste. There are 119 Calories and 9.7 fat grams.

Slamming a 12-pack won’t provide much more than a hangover, so stick with moderate alcohol consumption. That’s one drink per day for women, and up to two for men to get the health benefits without feeling down the next day.

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