ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A task force is urging Minnesota lawmakers to toughen up a state law against bullying, harassment and intimidation in schools.

The Prevention of School Bullying Task Force recommended Wednesday that lawmakers repeal the state’s current anti-bullying law and replace it with a stronger law. The suggestion came in a report to Gov. Mark Dayton, who convened the 15-member group last year.

Minnesota is considered to have one of the nation’s weakest anti-bullying laws.

The report also recommends standard anti-bullying protections for all schools and urges the state to collect more information on bullying and create a clearinghouse for anti-bullying efforts. The group wants lawmakers and school districts to provide funding to implement the plan.

Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey says bullying can’t be tolerated “in any form in our schools.”

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