MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — City staffers in Minneapolis are recommending pulling the liquor licenses of both Envy and Bootleggers to help curb crime on the weekends. The clubs are located along North First Avenue in the Warehouse District.

“City staff is taking action seeking to revoke the licenses of two establishments that they allege have been the sources of many problems on weekend nights,” said City Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden.

On Tuesday, both clubs were sent a letter informing them of the steps being taken to revoke their liquor licenses. City regulatory staff observed over-serving of alcohol, minors drinking alcohol and the use of illegal drugs at the clubs.

“If you get out of line we’re going to enforce it,” said Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. “If you run an establishment that’s out of line, we’re going to come down there, too. But we’re going to support all those great people who come down and visit, and all those great business who do good every day and deserve not to get dragged down by those who don’t.”

The city reports since new policing strategies and enhanced work with businesses began three weeks ago, violent crime in the Warehouse District has decreased 45 percent. There’s been a lot of focus on Sunday nights, when 18 and older events occur in the city.

“What that has enabled us to do is focus our resources more on the livability type of crimes that were occurring around the peripheral of the Warehouse District,” said Police Inspector Eddie Frizell.

The notice sent to the nightclubs sets in motion the process that could lead to revocation of their business licenses. The clubs have until Aug. 20 to decide whether to withdraw their licenses or appeal the action to either the city council or an administrative law judge.

A staffer at Envy wouldn’t go on record with WCCO Radio but did say the club plans to appeal the decision.


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