MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Whether part of the office pool or going it alone, millions of Minnesotans are banking on picking the right numbers for Wednesday night’s massive Powerball jackpot of $212 million.

There were no winners over the weekend, so the jackpot rolled over into one of the biggest prizes since this past spring’s $640 million grand prize.

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Minnesota Lottery Director Ed Van Petten told WCCO Radio it’s no wonder at $2 a ticket why the jackpot rolls over in such big amounts, but so do your chances of winning so don’t hold back.

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“Assuming sales remain strong, more money will be going into the jackpot each time. The being what they are when it does roll, it rolls faster and grows faster,” said Van Petten.

Van Petten said this jackpot may even grow by game time, because pots this big always create a little buzz and even folks who don’t usually play the lottery will buy a couple of tickets just to be part of history. They’re hoping to make a little history of their own.

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“You can never predict these huge jackpots, but when they do come around they cause a great stir, so good luck tonight and remember you cannot win if you don’t play!” said Van Petten.