By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – DeLaSalle High School’s Reid Travis is just a junior, but he’s got options. He can play a couple sports at a high level, and has a straight ‘A’ average to boot.

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Reid is a smooth and skilled basketball player. The reviews of his performances have been good, and scholarship offers have been plentiful.

“So far Minnesota, USC, Washington State, Harvard, Lehigh, Northwestern, Purdue, Butler, and there’s a few more. But that’s just the top, to name a few,” said Travis.

And at 6 foot 4 and 230 pounds, he’s also a quarterback who’s on everyone’s radar. He’s got pure arm strength and a great feel for the game.

DeLaSalle Football Coach Sean McMenomy says Reid is one-of-a-kind.

“He’s the best we’ve ever had by a long shot. He’s a pure quarterback, his reads are great. Obviously he throws the ball better than anybody we’ve ever had. He throws the tough throws…he’s a student of the game,” said McMenomy.

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Travis is a competitor who likes to match wits and physical skill – and he’s got a lot of both.

“It’s a change-up from basketball, but it’s nice to switch it up sometimes, and I just love the sport…the Friday night lights, and just running out there. There’s really nothing like it,” he said.

He’s already helped the Islanders basketball team win a state title. And you sense that winning in two sports is his immediate motivation.

“That’s something that goes through your mind. You want to win one in both sports because that’s what you play. So definitely, that’s something that goes through mind,” he said.

Reid’s got the tools, in fact; he’s got a war chest of tools to do just about anything.

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“He’s an amazing kid. Everything you could ask for: 6 foot 4, 230, throws the ball 70 yards, 3.9 student, won a state title in basketball games…a top 30 recruit in the nation in his class in basketball. And rumor has It he’s a top 5 in football in his class as well,” said McMenomy.

Mike Max