MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It won’t be long before kids across the state head back to school. All week, WCCO This Morning is working to help make sure you and your family are ready.

Time For Shots

Immunizations and checkups are also important to get in before school starts. That way you won’t have to worry about pulling your child out of class. Make sure you check with your school for its specific immunization requirements.

Also, if they are going to be in any athletics, they will need a physical to participate. Don’t forget the eye doctor and dentist appointments, either.


Now’s a good time to dig out those flash cards. Sharpening up the math and vocabulary skills a week or two before the first bell rings will help your kids get back into learning mode quicker and have more confidence from the start.

Plan Your Lunches

Here are a few tips to help make the transition into the school year a little easier for you.

Preparing lunches can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to make them healthy and likeable.

One thing that can make that easier is to plan out meals for a couple weeks, or even a month and put them on a calendar. That way you won’t be scrambling at last minute to throw something together, and it will help you avoid any last minute trips to the grocery store.

Extracurricular Activities

You’ll also want to start looking at what after school programs are available, whether it’s swimming, soccer, chess or band.

For some schools space can be limited, so you’ll have to have a good idea of what your child wants to sign up for before the first day of school. This will also help you to start figuring out an afterschool schedule for your family to help avoid any stressful surprises.

Adjusting Bedtimes

One of the toughest transitions for kids is the bedtime. Experts say don’t wait until the night before school begins to start getting your kids to bed earlier. To help ease them into it, try getting them to bed 15 minutes earlier each evening over the course of at least a week.

Summer’s Not Over Yet

Finally, plan one last fun event for your family. Whether it’s a backyard campout or a trip to their favorite waterpark, this will help kids realize the summer is coming to an end and help them process that their routines will be changing.