By Eric Henderson

There are those who might say that for the Walker Art Center to devote its attention to viral cat videos is to throw all acceptable standards of artistry into the litter box.

Those people are, at best, dog people. At worst, they have obviously stopped worshipping at the altar of one of the greatest directors of all time, the recently deceased Chris Marker, whose entire career is peppered with the spirit of cats and all they represent.

OK, maybe the Walker isn’t holding their Internet Cat Video Festival this Thursday explicitly in Marker’s name. Maybe even they aren’t suggesting that the incredibly shrill but much beloved “Kittens Inspired by Kittens” is our generation’s Citizen Kane. It could just be an excuse to get a bunch of people together to laugh at the animal kingdom’s ultimate stone-faced straight man. (Seriously, dogs are Chaplin. Cats are Keaton.)

Regardless, the event will be held in the Walker Open Field at 8:30 p.m. The Walker took thousands of submissions and whittled them down into a number of “CATegories,” including documentary, comedy, animated, foreign and others.

There is also a “People’s Choice” award, which will be selected from seven nominees, which can be seen here.

Much as I love the cats in conversation — and frequently hear “Nyan Cat” in my nightmares — I submit that there were a number of snubbed classics. Here are five your consideration.

Barking Cat

Kitten Wearing Tiny Hat

Surprised Kitty


Stalking Cat

And, two classic cat bloopers also worth a vote or two.

Which kitty classics am I forgetting?


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