HUDSON, Wis. (WCCO) – Police are looking for an apparent home intruder after they tracked a 911 call to a home where a man had been stabbed in North Hudson, Wis. on Sunday night.

The victim, who was treated in the hospital overnight, says he was home alone and was knocked unconscious by a stranger and woke with a knife in his belly.

The victim did not want his face on camera, but he did tell us what he can remember from that night.

“I’m sore, but I am walking around,” said the victim.

The 45-year-old victim says he is counting his blessings after what happened

“I really can’t (tell you what happened). I was in the house and I woke up on the kitchen floor … and there was a knife in me and the back of my head hurt,” the victim said.

According to police, a 911 caller on a cell phone wasn’t saying anything.

Police traced it to this home and when the officer got there, he noticed the door was open.

“He heard a light voice calling his name he recognized it as his friend and the resident there, so he went inside, found the victim lying on the floor and had a knife stuck into his abdomen,” said North Hudson police Chief Mark Richert.

Richert says investigators have no motive and can’t figure out why this happened to this man.

“We don’t have a rash of break-ins recently, at least in the North Hudson area. We don’t have burglaries that are occurring on a regular basis,” Richert said.

Police want people to know there is the possibility of a stranger moving around in the community. Richert wants people to be alert and make sure doors and windows are locked.

Something the victim says he definitely will do from now on.

“I do now. I wasn’t as diligent as I am now,” the victim said.

Richert says no call is too small. If North Hudson residents notice anything different in or around their homes they should call police. Officers will check things out for you.

The victim is staying with family away from Hudson until the person responsible is found.


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