ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – The Stratosphere swing ride, which has malfunctioned numerous times since the start of the State Fair, experienced more problems Wednesday night.

The ride was shut down after a reported operator error, the fair said. Guests were let off the ride and it was tested without riders.

Ride operators said they are now changing out a part as a safety precaution. It is unclear when the ride will reopen.

The ride is new to the Midway this year, but the Stratosphere has been in trouble since it made its debut at the Wisconsin State Fair earlier this month.

On the first day of the Great Minnesota Get-Together, the ride stalled out, leaving riders stranded in the air for nearly an hour. On the following day, it stalled out again and was shut down for the day. The ride then reopened after successfully performing test runs.

According to ride inspectors, the initial malfunctions were due to high wind speeds, and electrical and mechanical issues. No fair-goers have been injured in any of the malfunctions.

The Stratosphere is a giant circular swing which, when it works, whips fair-goers high above the fairgrounds at a height of nearly 200 feet.

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