MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With temperatures hovering just below 100 degrees, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board decided to keep 32 of its 65 wading pools open a bit longer this season. That’s certainly good news for all the children who like to attend them.

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Those wading pools will stay open past the usual day-after Labor Day close date till the following Sunday. If temperatures remain at 80 degrees or above at that time, pools may remain open longer.

The children at Kenny Community School in Southwest Minneapolis know why it’s so important. Kenny cooked on Thursday!

“It’s hot, but it’s Ok. We can still learn,” said student Jaida Debbins-Rusten, a third grader.

There are no air-conditioners in Kenny and another dozen Minneapolis Public Schools. Fans, brought in by teachers themselves, took center stage.

“It’s my water bottle, and I filled it up with cold water this morning, and I brought it to school,” said student Grant Pfleiger.

The Minneapolis School District handed out nearly 18,000 water bottles to students in non-air-conditioned buildings.

Kenny’s principal shut off the hallway lights. Emergency lights got activated to keep heat exposure to a minimum.

“Hot, humid and wet,” said teacher Sherry Tsao, while chuckling a bit about the conditions.

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Tsao is letting her children take frequent water brakes. Her classroom, she said, was near 90 degrees.

Gym class also needed serious adjustment on a steamy school day. Teacher Jennifer Johnson closed the curtains and shut off the lights.

Jumping jacks wouldn’t work Thursday. She kept class low-key, when it usually beats to a much different drum.

“It’s all about training the brain, and we incorporate academics into the physical activity. We just have to take it down a notch,” she said.

Like all heat-waves, this too will soon pass.

“I know it’ll be better next week,” said Tsao. “The weather will be cooler.”

Beaches also remain open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Swim docks at lakes Calhoun and Harriet were removed Thursday. Docks at Lake Nokomis and Lake Cedar – and all MPRB swim buoys – will be removed starting Tuesday.

List of wading pools open:

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Audubon – 1320 29th Ave. NE
Beltrami – 1111 Summer St. NE
Bossen Field – 5601 28th Ave. S
Brackett – 2728 39th Ave. S
Bryant Square – 3101 Bryant Ave. S
Bryn Mawr – 601 Morgan Ave. S
Corcoran – 3334 20th Ave. S
Dickman – 636 NE 2nd St.
East Phillips – 2307 17th Ave. S.
Elliot – 1000 E 14th St.
Folwell – 1615 Dowling Ave. N
Franklin Steele – 1600 Portland Ave. S
Hi-View – 3474 NE 2nd St.
Lake Hiawatha – 2701 E 44th St.
Linden Hills – 3100 43rd St. W
Logan – 690 13th Ave. NE
Longfellow – 3435 36th Ave. S
Loring – 1382 Willow St.
Marshall Terrace – 2740 Marshall St. NE
McRae – 906 E 47th St.
North Commons – 1801 James Ave. N
North Mississippi – 5114 North Mississippi Dr.
Pearl – 414 E Diamond Lake Rd.
Phelps – 701 E 39th St.
Powderhorn – 3400 15th Ave. S
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – 4055 Nicollet Ave. S
Riverside – 2700 S 8th St.
Shingle Creek – 2010 50th Ave. N
Sibley – 1900 E 40th St.
Van Cleve – 901 15th Ave. SE
Wabun (Minnehaha) – 4655 46th Ave. S
Webber – 4400 Dupont Ave. N