By Colin Smith, WCCO Radio

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you’re filling up today be warned: it’s gonna hurt.

Twin Cities gas prices rose 10 cents overnight, to an average of $3.89 for a gallon of regular.

Although it didn’t appear the $4-a-gallon barrier had been broken, more than a dozen stations around the metro were charging $3.99 on Tuesday.

The price spike, which most oil analysts blame on Hurricane Isaac, caught drivers by surprise in downtown Minneapolis.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Bob Randle, who spent more than $57 filling up his midsized sedan. “I’m just sitting here amazed that it’s costing this much.”

The Twin Cities’ average price is now a nickel more expensive than the national average, the first time it’s surpassed that mark since Aug. 16.

“I guess if you compare it to prices in Illinois or California, it’s not that bad,” said Mike Hunter of Little Canada. “It’s expensive but what are you going to do?”

Hunter was filling up his Ford Explorer at Bobby and Steve’s in Minneapolis, one of the stations where gas is $3.99 a gallon.

“I just put a little bit in I don’t (fill the whole tank) because I can’t afford $80,” Hunter said. “I just do $20 here, $25 there — that’s all I can do.”

Twin Cities gas prices averaged $3.75 one month ago and $3.76 one year ago.

For more gas prices, click here.


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