HOPKINS, Minn. (WCCO) — Anyone who owns an Apple product can go to the Apple store and use the Genius Bar for help. Now a Genius Bar is available at Hopkins’ North Junior High School, where the 7th graders just got iPads.

To help the 7th graders with their new tablets, the school has 8th and 9th graders work at the school’s Genius Bar. As part a new series — What’s Working in Our Schools — WCCO-TV profiled the Hopkins Junior High.

In Eric Naess’ 7th grade English class, students use the newly-issued iPads. But Naess wasn’t sure about using them when they were first introduced.

“To be honest,” the teacher said, “I was a little leery…because I did not think it was going to be as useful.”

But now Naess is sold. He says the technology easily allows him to show students the class agenda, homework and due dates.

“I love it,” he said.

And when Naess has questions about his iPad, he can take it to the school’s Genius Bar, where students like 9th grader Jose Avalos help out.

“Most of my teachers are terrible with technology,” Avalos said.

His helping at the Genius Bar has made an impression on his parents.

“My parents feel so proud of me, because I am helping kids younger than me,” he said.

Students are chosen to be geniuses based on their leadership and academic abilities. And geniuses get a bonus for their help — an iPad to use.


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