mn tg Tailgating Parking Tips at Mall of America Field at the Metrodome

Ensure you’re parking at the right lot for Vikings games (Credit: Matt Blewett)

A successful tailgate involves careful planning from the menu to game-day attire to finding the best parking spot. There are several parking options for Vikings fans at the Metrodome, so check out the following lots and plan ahead to avoid the hassle of parking downtown during the big game.

Official Vikings (aka “Purple”) Tailgating Lots

There are three official Vikings tailgating lots located along the Metrodome where die-hard Vikings fans congregate to cheer on the home team. Cars decked out in purple and gold, a sea of Vikings jerseys, the enticing smell of grilled burgers and brats and fans tossing footballs around create the perfect tailgating atmosphere. Season-long passes can be purchased for fan-favorite purple lots so you are guaranteed a spot in tailgating mecca. Season passes also include several perks including visits from the Vikings Cheerleaders, Street Team, Viktor and Skol Line. Join your fellow tailgating comrades and get your tailgating lots season passes now.

Downtown East Ramp
425 Park Avenue

The Downtown East Ramp is relatively close to the Metrodome. Season parking passes can be purchased for $200 a booklet, with each booklet containing eight individual parking passes, one for each of the eight season home games. Multiple booklets may be purchased. Not planning on attending every game? Individual passes can also be purchased for $25 each and conveniently printed from your email inbox. Avoid the hassle of event parking and reserve your parking spot in the Downtown East Ramp today.

Allied Parking Ramps
501 4th Avenue South Ramp
Hospital Parking Ramp – 814 South 9th Street

In addition to the previously mentioned ramps, there are also a couple of allied ramps for game-day attendees to park in. Both ramps are located just a few short blocks from the Metrodome. Season passes for the Hospital Parking Ramp can be purchased for $150 (price after May 1st) and $110 (price after May 1st) in the 501 4th Avenue South Ramp. Purchasing season passes to one of these ramps guarantees you a parking space even if the ramp indicates that it is “FULL.” Order your season passes today and ensure yourself a parking spot during the big game, no matter what time you arrive.

Impark Lots

Game-day parking can also be found in one of many pay lots surrounding the Metrodome. Simply select a lot ahead of time that best suits your travel plans. Plan on arriving early to ensure you are able to snag a spot in your parking lot of choice, as single-game parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Select lots offer online reservations for single games and others also offer season parking passes. For a full listing of available game-day lots and parking-pass options, visit

For more information on parking options, visit the Vikings Tailgating and Parking Options page on the official Minnesota Vikings website.

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