MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Body language is huge in these debates and in some cases, can even outweigh what the candidates are saying.

That’s according to national executive coach and body language expert, Carol Kinsey Gomen. She says there’s a delicate balance the candidates work tirelessly on to make sure they’re connecting with voters.

If a candidate looks too authoritative, they come across as cold, while if they seem too warm, they are perceived as inept.

Kinsey Gomen says Obama and Romney could learn a thing or two by watching then-candidate John McCain in the 2008 presidential debates. She says McCain’s biggest mistake was only looking into the camera and never looking at Obama, while Obama looked at McCain each time he addressed him, coming across as warm and presidential.

Kinsey Gomen says this time, it’s more important than ever for the candidates to pay attention to their non-verbal cues, especially when every eye roll and fidget is instantly documented in the Twitter-verse.