So I went to get a massage today. My upper back is tied in knots and I can barely turn my neck. The therapist is late, she calls me the wrong name, I’m annoyed. I tell her exactly where it hurts, get on the table and she starts with the other side, I’m annoyed again.

The moment she touches me she says, “I don’t feel a connection with your husband.” I stiffen, go cold, force my eyes to stay closed and remain silent. She digs a little deeper and says, “I can’t feel a connection.”

I have never, ever met or seen this woman before in my life. She has no idea who I am. Remember, she called me the wrong name.

I relent, “I’m going through a divorce.”

Therapist, her name is Aisha, nonchalantly, “Oh well now that makes sense.” She continued, “I see a lot of energy around you and if it’s ok with you, I’d like to release some of the pain, OK?”

Me, now in tears, “Yeah, OK.”

She proceeded to knead through the rest of my back tagging each tight muscle with a different painful memory, and then releasing it. I was in so much pain physically (and now I realize emotionally) that I never stopped to think, “This is insane”. This total stranger claims she could not only see the energy around me, locate where the negativity was trapped in my body, but then release it with a mantra she had me repeat while she worked on the muscle. It sounds crazy, but I believed. Because I wanted to believe. I needed to believe. I jumped at the chance for someone to take away my pain. I obviously needed help getting rid of it, and I couldn’t wait to give it away. It may have looked like voodoo but I did everything she told me and I cried all the way through. Aisha said that was good.

I was such a willing participant in this cleansing/massage/therapy/exorcism that I didn’t even flinch when she got to a spot near my stomach and said, “I hate to tell you this, but he wanted to get caught, your husband. He just wasn’t into your relationship anymore.” Ouch.

All I could say was, “Thanks for the honesty.” But it still sucked hearing that.

The massage ended and I was winded. Aisha gave me instructions. Get up slowly, get dressed, look in the mirror, tell yourself you love yourself three times, then leave all the bad energy in the room and step out. She would clear the room after I left. I did exactly as she said. Outside there were more instructions, and water of course.

Aisha, “When you get home, write down all the good and bad things about your marriage, it can be as long as a book just get it out. Take the paper, burn it, and throw it in the wind. Do this alone, under the moon.”

Yes, ma’am.

On the way out, I realized I could turn my head again and my physical pain was diminished. I hugged Aisha twice and made my next appointment. Wow.


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