By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis man is recovering after he was shot by a man he had never seen before just blocks away from his home.

Hassan Karron says he was shot as he walked home from a friend’s house. It happened last Thursday night at 23rd Street and James Avenue North in Minneapolis.

Now, police are looking into this random shooting and who might be involved.

Karron says he feels blessed to be alive to tell his story. Karron was born and raised on the north side of Minneapolis, so he didn’t think twice when he noticed two young men walking towards a white SUV Thursday night.

“When I got about 10 feet away from the truck, he just said, ‘hey’ and when I turned around and looked back, like this, he already had the .45 pointed at me and he let off two shots,” said Karron.

The bullet hit his side, traveled through his right buttocks and exited through the other side. He quickly ran for cover in an alley, the men jumped in the truck and drove away.

“I wasn’t sure if they were backing up to come get me so I ducked into an alley way and when they passed, I saw I was good, so I called 911,” said Karron.

Karron was taken to North Memorial Medical Center.

“I spoke with the doctor and the police officer and they both told me that it was pretty normal a lot of that going on in the community right now,” said Karron.

Minneapolis police say they get lots of calls for random shootings. Most victims turn out to know the shooter, but don’t tell police. There are cases, however, of people getting shot by someone they don’t know.

Police say this case is still open.

“I never seen either one of these gentlemen in my life or the female that was driving,” Karron said.

Karron, a married father of four boys, says he has no enemies. Now, this promoter and artist wants to use his talents to help show kids a better way.

‘We got to do something this is our community we just can’t sit back and let this happen like this let some punks terrorize our neighborhood terrorize the good folks,” Karron said.

Karron says the young men had on gloves and masks that partially covered their faces. He added that it was cold that night so he thought nothing of the way they were dressed. He did not get a very good look at the man who pulled the trigger.


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