MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Republican US Sen. candidate Kurt Bills raised the heat level on incumbent Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, saying she is the kind of politician who “protects their posterior instead of prosperity.”

And that if she is so far ahead in the polls, she should be part of Senate leadership trying to fix the budget.

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Bills is raising the alarm on what’s now called “the fiscal cliff.”

If Congress doesn’t fix the federal budget by Dec. 31, devastating cuts will be imposed automatically. That could immediately raise prices, taxes, and push the economy back into recession.

But Bills described Klobuchar as almost AWOL in the budget debate, preferring to coast instead of lead.

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“Being a senator who is supposedly so well liked, and is up supposedly by so many points, and you didn’t take leadership, and you are from Minnesota?” Bills said. “A state that has had Wellstone, Grams, Humphrey, Boschwitz, Durenberger, and you’re not leading? Isn’t that somewhat disappointing?”

The Klobuchar campaign released this statement in response:

“The Budget Control Act was a bipartisan compromise that involved $1 trillion in cuts that have already been made, and another $1.2 trillion in cuts that must be made over ten years. The Senator’s goal is to negotiate how those cuts will be made over the next ten years instead of having them made automatically. She believes that we should stay and negotiate as long as it takes to come up with a solution that is best for the economy.”

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Bills also disavowed comments made by his campaign on his behalf which described Klobuchar as a “Prom Queen” and “Daddy’s Little Girl,” descriptions which some described as sexist. He said it was done without his knowledge.