Bethel’s senior nose guard has a 3.94 GPA as a biology major, wants to be a doctor, and is already a married man. (credit: Bethel University)

Nominated for two national scholar-athlete awards.

Married before even getting a college diploma.

Putting finishing touches on a 3.94 GPA in Biology.

Yup. It’s safe to say Gavin Maurer‘s got a secure handle on things, i.e. the game of life.

Bethel University’s senior nose guard is 6 feet tall and it’s safe to say every ounce of his 228-pound frame is honed in on his structured life plan.

Gavin Maurer (credit: Bethel University)

All roads seem to lead Maurer back to his rural roots, as he hails from Morgan, Minn., a town of fewer than 1,000 located west of New Ulm.

“I am applying to medical school right now,” he said. “I’d really like to go into family medicine, then move into a rural area, near where I grew up.”

Maurer is one of 147 national candidates for the 2012 National Football Foundation Scholar-Athlete Award. He’s also one of 41 semifinalists for the 2012 William V. Campell Trophy, which recognizes the best of NCAA Division III.

As for Maurer’s No. 15-ranked Royals, the 5-1 program looks like they have a quality chance to make the NCAA tournament and mimic the team’s postseason success back in 2010.

Let’s go behind the freckles to find out more about the faith-filled senior’s youth growing up on a hog farm, among other intriguing story lines.

What’s the dirtiest part of hog farming?
Whatever my dad needed, I was his right-hand man; daily chores and then weekends, and during the summer. It can be tough work sometimes, but I enjoyed it. Power-washing barns is the dirtiest part. We get them in at 13 pounds and then market weight is 270.

What was it like playing on both sides of the ball in high school for Cedar Mountain?
I played varsity all four years – I started as linebacker freshman year and played both ways my sophomore, junior and senior year. You really have to be in better shape. I was a fullback, and for my junior/senior year, I was safety.

Does it hurt having to miss some hunting excursions due to being at Bethel?
My brothers and I love to go pheasant and deer hunting. I miss that because during football, you don’t have a lot of time to go hunt. I’ll make up for it during Christmas break.

Gavin Maurer is part of a Bethel team that’s ranked No. 15 in Division III at 5-1 and has a chance at getting back to the NCAA postseason after a successful playoff run in 2010. (credit: Bethel University)

Why did you transfer to Bethel from Gustavus in January 2011?
It was the faith and fellowship piece. Gustavus wasn’t the right place, and the fellowship was missing. It goes faith, family, football at Bethel — and that’s how I approach every day. That always set Bethel apart.

You post great grades, so how much do you have to put in to attain them?
When you’re paying to go to school, you want to get everything out of it that you can. I’m definitely not the smartest, but I make up for it in my hard work, whether getting help from a professor, or putting more time into the books.

I take it the married life has you quite busy?
I got married in July and a lot of free time is spent with my wife, Jamie. We love visiting family together, and my main passion is spending time with my family.
I also love watching the TV show “Duck Dynasty” when I have time. It’s hilarious.


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