MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It is estimated Americans spend about 2.7 hours a day on cell phones. All that talking — and texting — can literally be a pain in the neck.

Chiropractor Keith Johnson says he sees a lot of young patients coming into his office.

The neck is supposed to have a C-shaped curve to it, but when your texting or talking on a cell phone for hours at a time, you can lose some of that curve.

“When we lose our curve, it straightens the spine if it is left to be over time this will create tremendous amounts of stress,” said Johnson. “It causes a lot of pressure in their neck and creates headaches, burning sensations in their neck, numbness into their arms and hands.”

Also, if you’re texting more than talking, you could get a condition known as “texting thumb,” which is a form of tendonitis in the thumbs.

Dr. Matthew Putnam says all that pounding with the thumb could cause trauma to your joints and ligaments.

“I really think probably doing it less with your thumb would be phenomenal as a general instruction for everyone,” said Putnam.

The experts say after 10 minutes of texting, take a 15-minute break and stretch your neck. For example, you should be doing extension activities, like looking up at the ceiling or sky.


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