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Editor’s Note: Vikings’ second-year defensive lineman D’Aundre Reed will share the ups and downs of being in the NFL — from working toward more playing time, to just getting used to Minnesota – for this season-long project. Entry No. 1 | No. 2

Vikings game days have been tough for D’Aundre Reed as of late.

“It’s hard, especially being pumped up in the beginning and you’re ready to go (into the game), ready to go, ready to go, and then you don’t go (in),” Reed explained. “You have all that pent-up energy inside you, and you want to release it on the field. And it’s a little bit of a letdown.”

Though the second-year defensive lineman has seen the playing field a handful of plays per game earlier this season, Minnesota’s talented starters have kept the back-up off the field against both the Titans and the Redskins.

But it’s not all low-lights for the reticent Arizona product. As of late, he’s:

Relishing his Tuesdays – the only day off
It’s the day we get off, so we want to take it low key. I was real busy yesterday; had meetings to go to, and met with my financial adviser. He came down and we met up at Champps. Paid some of my bills, cleaned up the place a bit.

Still confident even after the team’s loss in DC following a three-game winning streak
It’s not a major backslide. We’re just eager to play the Cardinals to redeem ourselves. We still have our high expectations. We just look forward to the next opponent.

Learning how to live downtown as a larger-than-life resident
Met most of my friends (who aren’t Vikings players) through my financial adviser, and also at my apartment complex. I like to mingle around with other people. They see how big I am and say “Oh, you play football?” Once in a blue moon they’ll recognize me, but mostly because of my build.

Hustling to be a football academic
I’m trying to become more of a student of the game, so I can see what’ll happen and anticipate – like how an offensive lineman is lining up. I’m definitely working on that, meeting with the coaches more to key up on that. When you get to the NFL, everyone is physically talented, so you need to be smart.

Swapping his Andriod tablet for an iPad in order to watch game film
Had to get an iPad to view game tape. The DragonFly (video viewing) app is only on the iPad. Instead of going home and putting in a DVD, we can watch on the fly, or on the airplane.

Spending quality time with the girlfriend
She’ll come out Thursday night (Oct. 25) after the (Buccaneers) game (on Thursday Night Football). We’ll go to ValleySCARE. We’re both into it.

Reminiscing on his best childhood Halloween costume
I would say being Batman, because I had the body armor and everything. Had the face mask, too, and wore the costume for pajamas before my mom said I was getting too big for it.

Giving back to the community, once again through a Play 60 assembly at Nellie Stone school in North Minneapolis on Oct. 22
I did it last year and it’s pretty cool. It’s a big assembly where we work out with the kids — do some ladder drills and stuff. Kids look up to you and sometimes we forget that. I can remember when I was younger, how much I looked up to them and we need to remember how much influence we have.