MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Thursday night’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game has become a pretty hot ticket here in the Twin Cities.

But it’s become part of a dream for a father and son from Chicago.

They’re watching NFL games in all 32 stadiums during the 17-week season, and documenting the journey on their website – and on Facebook and Twitter.

Tonight’s game will be the 17th stop on their tour, and they’ve found a way to take some very special people along for the ride.

Matt and Craig Steichen drove a football-themed SUV from Chicago this morning, because they’re a father and son on a mission.

The goal is to visit every NFL city.

“We’re living a dude’s dream — every stadium in 17 weeks,” Matt said.

And take Wounded Warriors along for the ride.

“There’s a father-son thing, as well as the wounded warrior aspect,” Craig said. “It’s a double-emotional, feel-good kind of a thing.”

They’ve had one great experience after another. But given Thursday’s dreary weather, they’re glad the Vikings stadium has a dome.

“My goal is to take the wounded warriors out, and go above the call of duty like they do for us,” Matt said. “I found out that we could break the world record (for visiting all 32 stadiums). It’s 107 and we’re doing it in 103 days.”

It hasn’t been easy working around their work schedules, either.

“I gotta work at 9 a.m. (on Friday),” Matt said. “I got a six-hour drive tonight after the game.”