MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Augsburg College freshman quarterback Ayrton Scott makes plays, and in the process, he makes highlights.

He had to work to get to Augsburg, and now he’s one of the hardest workers on their football team.

Two years ago, Scott led a resurgence at Minneapolis Southwest High School, serving as a dynamic quarterback with athletic ability.

But because of grades, Scott first went to a community college.

“I went to MCTC so I can get grades so I could come to Augsburg. Worked hard to get the grades, and now I’m here,” Scott said.

Since he got to Augsburg’s campus, he’s been turning heads. According to Augsburg football coach Frank Haegge, Scott’s a dynamic athlete who makes plays.

“I thought he would be good. I pretty much figured he’d be a starter and give us a chance to be competitive. But I did not know he would be this good. He really overshot my expectations for him, so that’s been a lot of fun,” Haegge said.

Watch him play and you see a gamer capable of making things happen – anytime, anywhere.

“It’s exhilarating, it is great. I get the ball, I mean, I just, I don’t know…I can’t explain it,” Scott said.

Scott thrives with a little structure, a lot of freedom and some creativity along the way.

“How do we get him in space so we can make a play? Some of our best plays are dropback, you see a gap – run. You know, just like in the backyard, that’s some of our best plays,” Haegge said.

He’s a committed quarterback who just wants to have some fun playing football.

“I take a drop, and once I see a blitz – forget the reads, I gotta scramble…I love it,” Scott said.


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