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ST. PAUL (WCCO) — St. Paul High School students are helping out with the election on Tuesday. Students from Johnson High will be serving as election judges.

They’ll work at polling places in Frogtown and on St. Paul’s east side, where there’s a large Hmong population.

The group of high school students will have a very good reason for skipping class Tuesday. They’re serving as election judges. About 40 students will cover 25 precincts in Ramsey County. The students have been prepped for the polls.

They’ll work long shifts.

“I’m planning on a 6 a.m. til noon shift and then maybe the rest of the day, if I have nothing to do afterwards, I’ll come back,” said Mike Xiong.

The students said the long hours are well worth it to participate in the election process.

“We’re going to have to chart the precincts. We’re going to make sure people are at the right poll. We’ll also greet them at the door and help them find their way,” said Alisha Moua.

The election judges will also translate in Hmong to help voters navigate the system.

“We’re the future, this country is going to be in our hands one day, and we have to take care of our older generations, that’s why I want to do this,” said Kalia Vang.

Students at Harding High School will also participate in the pilot project.

Sonya Goins, Producer
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