By Bill Hudson

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 12-year-old boy from Motley had a deer hunting experience he will likely never forget on the opening weekend of the season.

Dylan Beach is seen in pictures smiling from ear-to-ear, not surprisingly, after he bagged a 28-point deer.

It happened not long after he got into his tree stand last Saturday and spotted the buck about 100 yards in the distance on the opening weekend of the rifle season for deer hunting.

“I thought I heard something, but I wasn’t for sure if it was a squirrel or whatever. But then about 100 yards up, he came walking out,” said Beach.

A single shot from the 12-year-old’s rifle dropped the deer in its tracks.

When they walked up to it, his heart was racing. It was an animal beyond belief with a massive set of antlers of 28 points.

“When I walked up and I saw how big rack was and I was really surprised,” said Beach.

Dewey Schmitz of Dewey’s Taxidermy in Wadena, Minn. has been doing this work for 30 years. This deer was his most impressive work. Now, he’ll do the honors and preserve the young hunter’s precious moment.

“I think when he first shot it, he didn’t realize how big it was,” said Schmitz.

As for Beach, there’s still a lifetime of hunting ahead, but it’s hard to imagine there will ever be a moment quite like this.

Bill Hudson

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