MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — No Air Force One for Mitt Romney, but he’s probably not flying coach either. Still, Andy in Sartell and Matthew in Bloomington are among those who wondered: How quickly do Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lose their Secret Service protection?

It may have already happened. The statute that gives the Secret Service authority to protect presidential candidates starts 120 days before the election, but it doesn’t say when it ends. According to Slate.com, agents typically wind down for about a week after the election.

If President Barack Obama had lost, he would have protection for 10 more years.

I was struck at how few presidential campaign signs there were this year. Lots of local and amendment signs. Maggie Hogan, of Plymouth, asked: When do all election signs have to be taken down?

It depends on where you live. Cities usually have a property code that regulates this. In Hogan’s hometown of Plymouth, its 10 days after the election. Same deal in Minneapolis. In St. Paul, the statute is a little tighter: Signs have to be gone within one week of an election.

Here’s one non-election question a lot of you have been asking. Mary Anderson in Richfield and Jerry Bergsrud in St Paul wondered about the Macy’s holiday display.

Will Macy’s repeat the same display again this year?

It launches next Saturday – and when I asked – Macy’s didn’t give a straight answer. But they sent the description of Macy’s 50th Annual Santaland as your chance to experience the animated story of Santa’s elves at the North Pole as they prepare for Christmas.

So, in other words, that’s a yes. The last five years have been the same. But to be honest, my kids still love it.

The first Macy’s show was in 1963. The theme was “Santa’s Enchanted Forest.” And get this: More than 15 million visitors have walked through the store’s 8th floor auditorium since that time.

Jason DeRusha