Baddest Vikings Tailgate Mobiles

Show your Vikings pride with a decked-out ride (Credit, Matthew Blewett)

Tailgating is about the camaraderie of enthusiastic sports fans congregating in stadium lots to feast on grilled goods, drink ice-cold beer and cheer on their favorite team. Having said that, some super enthusiastic fans take their love for tailgating and their favorite football team to an entirely new level by creating decked-out tailgate mobiles.

Vikings fans are no exception. From elaborate paint jobs, refrigerated kegs and killer sound systems to custom porta potties, pop-out shelters and Vikings memorabilia, several dedicated Vikings tailgaters have created extraordinary tailgate mobiles.

 Baddest Vikings Tailgate Mobiles

Vikings Battle Wagon (Credit, Facebook)

One notable tailgate mobile is the Battle Wagon, a delivery truck turned into the ultimate Vikings mobile. Decked out with a rad purple paint job on the outside, complete with Vikings horns mounted on the front, the Battle Wagon is wood paneled on the inside and features an artificial turf floor. It’s decorated with all types of Vikings memorabilia, including autographs from all of the famous people who have visited the Battle Wagon. Amenities include a satellite dish for television viewing, comfortable den furniture and a gas fireplace ideal for keeping warm on cool days. The Battle Wagon is essentially a man cave on wheels.

 Baddest Vikings Tailgate Mobiles

Mink’s Nest mobile (Credit,

Another impressive tailgate-mobile is the Mink’s Nest, a large purple truck complete with Vikings logo and even a season calendar which is used for keeping track of wins and losses. Equipped with wood-paneled walls and cozy purple seating inside, the Mink’s Nest also features a killer sound system which is brought out for fellow tailgaters’ enjoyment on game days. An impressively large grill keeps the Mink’s Nest crew fed and a pop-up tent can be set up for shelter on rainy days. The Mink’s Nest is known for traveling to away games and representing Vikings fans with their impressive Vikings mobile.

When asked what Marcus “Mookie” Anderson (Vikings tailgate legend) would constitute as the ultimate Vikings mobile, he replied that his mobile prototype would be a food truck painted with old Met Stadium murals and classic tailgating moments. The interior would pay homage to Vikings greats and would include framed photos of Jim Kleinsasser, Randy Moss, The Tark, Tommy Kramer, Randall McDaniel, DJ Dozier, Hugh McElhenny and Percy Harvin. Amenities would include a big-screen TV with satellite, a PS3 for live tournaments, a live tap for a refrigerated keg of local beer, a pull-out canvas cove and a killer portable grille.

The next time you tailgate at the Metrodome, make sure you pop on over to Purple Lot #3 and check out the baddest Vikings mobiles. Who knows, you might even be granted a tour.

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A Minnesota native that was born and raised Up North, Minneapolis is where Christina Kalinowski currently calls home. Christina appreciates irony, loves bacon, enjoys a hearty libation (drink responsibly, folks), and is an avid proponent of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. Her work can be found at

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