ST. PAUL (WCCO) — The National Weather Service (NWS) said that two tornadoes touched down as part of the overnight storms, which left fallen power lines and trees over parts of the east metro.

Meteorologist Bill Borghoff was in one of the crew in Chanhassen that surveyed the damage after last night’s storm. It says to have two tornados is rare this late in the season.

“This is actually very unusual. In fact it hasn’t happened since the 1950’s when we began reliable tornado records. This is only the second tornado to occur in November in the state of Minnesota.” Borghoff said.

WCCO’s Susie Jones Interviews NWS

After the storm, crews were out early trying to clear the debris from the roads.

There is still a lot of clean up for West St. Paul off Charlton. They’ve overcome the first hurdle, cutting up and removing big trees that blocked the street. But some of the damage will take much longer to repair.

Some people woke up to trees on their vehicles. In one case, the branches crashed through the windshield and right into the steering console.

In Mendota Heights, a Senior Living Center took the brunt of the storm there. Sod was ripped up. A pop machine and trailer from a nearby construction site tipped over in the wind. The building also had damage.

The wind ripped open two holes in the roof, the storm took everyone by surprise.

Xcel crews are working to bring power back. Xcel Energy says only 1,000 were still without power by Sunday afternoon and it was expected to be fully restored by Sunday night.

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