MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This morning we’re testing out a popular “As Seen on TV” product to see if it really works.

This product claims to be a secure way to hang anything on your walls in seconds. You may have seen the commercials for “Insta Hang.” For $15, and it’s right on the packaging, that Insta Hang claims to save you time and money by replacing your hammer, nails, wire and hooks.

And the peg it sticks in the wall is supposed to hold quite a bit. Here’s what we found. The question here is how much weight can Insta-Hang really support? The claim is up to 10 pounds. We’ll use this empty jug fille it with different levels of water and us this as our weight.

Insta Hang was tested at eight pounds, but the real test came at 10 pounds to see if it could support that actual weight that it claims it can. It was successful, so we put it to the test at more than 10 pounds. A jug of water was filled to 11 pounds on a scale, and Insta Hang worked yet again, fully supporting the weight.

So to answer the question, Insta Hang really does work like it says it does. We do not encourage anyone to try to hang more than 10 pounds with Insta Hang as that was for demonstrational purposes only.