MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Steve Walsh wears his mustache well, and he should. He’s had a November mo for a few years now.

“My dad had prostate cancer, and he was diagnosed with that in 2005,” Walsh said.

Back then, Movember was small, with just a few thousand people participating in Australia. Walsh didn’t even hear about it until a year or two later.

“I don’t know if we signed up officially on the website or anything like that, we just decided to grow mustaches for the month of November, as a fun thing to do,” Walsh said.

Steve didn’t spring into action right away. After a prostatectomy, his father, Robert, was approaching his five-year anniversary of being cancer free.

“He had his PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) levels checked every six months, and on the last check at the end of five years afterwards, they spiked up again,” Steve said.

The cancer was back.

“When that happened I decided I want to make more of a difference if I can, personally,” Steve said.

Amazingly, Robert battled back again and beat cancer a second time.

“His levels have been right back down again, so it looks like he’s in the clear for now,” Steve said.

Appropriately, this Movember’s theme is “Movember & Sons,” presenting the perfect opportunity for Robert and Steve to team up to raise awareness, and grow mos together.

“He’s the reason that I grow this, when he got diagnosed with prostate cancer, it kind of shook me,” said Walsh. “So, to get to do this, especially alongside him this year, that’s just really cool.”

You can donate to Steve’s Movember page here.