MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This week chef Rachael Perron from Kowalski’s Markets has showed us some ways to spice up our old favorites for Thanksgiving.

So far we’ve made a few tweaks to classics like mashed potatoes and green beans. Today we want share what she does to her Thanksgiving dressing.

It starts with the bread crumbs. Instead of white bread, Rachael uses a loaf of corn bread crumbled into pieces. She complements its sweetness with the spicy flavor of chorizo sausage.

“Cornbread is a southern specialty. I love that and I know you do too,” Perron said. “We are going to make it with something a little bit different, something additional. That comes from chorizo, a pork sausage. You can buy it in bulk in the meat department and it has a blend of spices in it.”

Start by browning the sausage in a pan. You can also use fully cooked sausage links cut into small pieces. After the meat cooks for a bit, add onions and celery.

“This is traditional flavor, the celery and onions. It’s the chorizo that’s different. We also add some traditional seasonings, rubbed sage or fresh, and then I add black pepper or crushed pepper too,” Perron said.

You can also add poultry seasoning as well as salt and pepper. Add in your corn bread crumbles, which are best if they toasted in the oven first, and mix in some chicken broth and an egg as well.

After you transfer it all to a baking dish, it’s ready for the oven. About 45 minutes later, it’s done.