By Tracy Perlman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This week, we’re reminded to be thankful for the people and things we have in our lives. Two moms who are thankful for their own blessings are helping new families have a little easier time this holiday season.

“We think it’s really important because number one as a pregnant person, it’s really important to have clothes you feel good in and that fit you,” said BabyLove co-owner Brittany Kubricky. “Instead wearing baggy clothes or clothes that don’t fit, then you don’t feel good about yourself. So if you have nice clothes you’re going to feel good and be more presentable, just like any of us. It’s really important for these women who maybe need a job while they’re still pregnant or just really want to look nice when they’re pregnant.”

Last winter Kubricky and her business partner Veronica Jacobsen realized other families needed some of the items they needed as new moms.

“We know it’s hard when you’re pregnant or have a baby anytime. Especially when you don’t have the resources you need,” Kubricky said.

Through their “Bum and Belly Drive” last winter, more than 60 bags full of diapers and maternity clothes were donated to families who need them the most.

“I would imagine we collected somewhere between 300-400 cloth diapers,” Jacobsen said.

As she explained, the need for those items are still high.

“I know that not everybody can afford maternity clothes. Body is changing and it’s hard sometimes feeling comfortable in your body, but having clothes that fit, really help,” she said. “We all have maternity clothes sitting in our closet, there are places where you can sell them or give them to friends, but at a certain point, maybe you want to give them to someone who needs them.”

Items donated through Dec. 12 will go to Everyday Miracles, The Tubman Center & Diaper Drive. All are local organizations that support pregnant women and babies.

It’s not just diapers and maternity clothes the women at BabyLove are looking to collect, they are also accepting baby carriers, slings and wraps.

“A lot of these places we’re going to – these women don’t have cars and they’re taking the bus a lot. So instead of trying to carry the car seat or take a stroller, they can carry the baby, it’s much easier for them to go through the day,” Kubricky said.

After the success of last year’s drive, these moms are expecting an even bigger response.

You can drop off donations of new or gently used maternity clothes, carriers or diapers at the following locations:
• Bellies to Babies in Richfield
• BabyLove in Eagan
• All Things Diapers in Blaine
• Nine Maternity in Hopkins
• Peapods in St. Paul
• Enlightened Mama in St. Paul

Donations should be clean and in good working order. For more information about BabyLove and what they do, visit their website.


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