MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WCCO meteorologist Mike Augustyniak was chomping at the bit (and probably at his upper lip) to shave off the mustache he’s been sporting all month.

Augustyniak, along with a whole team of men from WCCO’s newsroom, were growing out their soup strainers to raise awareness and money to fight cancers affecting men.

The movement has been dubbed “Movember,” and as it drew to a close with the last few days of November, Augustyniak and others prepared to make their faces naked once again.

Below is by-the-minute video of Augustyniak as he received a relaxing shave from Ericka Johnson of The Art of Shaving Friday morning.

For more information on how to help ‘CCO spread the word about fight cancer, or to donate to the cause, check out our Movember page.

The Art Of Shaving Mike Augustyniak (Part 1)

The Art Of Shaving Mike Augustyniak (Part 2)

Mike Augustyniak’s Upper Lip Is Naked