Five Epic Tailgating Moments as Told By a Vikings Fan

Make some Vikings tailgating memories of your own (Credit, Matthew Blewett)

Epic moments don’t just occur on the field during games, they also occur in the tailgating lots. The combined energy of a team’s fans can create some very memorable moments for tailgaters. Here are Vikings fan Marcus “Mookie” Anderson’s top five epic tailgating moments.

When: January 9th, 2005
What: NFC wild-card game Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field

Marcus remembers this as being a great game for Vikings tailgaters, as they set up in the KMART parking lot and affectionately dubbed their space “Vikings Village East.” Team enthusiasm was running high and many tailgaters met up in the corner end zone at Lambeau for a postseason victory party which lasted until security “politely” asked them to leave several hours after the game. This game is also widely remembered by Packers and Viking fans alike because Randy Moss infamously “mooned” Packers fans in the end zone after catching a 34-yard touchdown pass in the last quarter.

When: October 15, 2000
What: Vikings vs. Chicago Bears at Soldier Field

A Chris Farley look-a-like made this a memorable game for many tailgaters. An impromptu Nerf football field goal-kicking contest attracted the likes of “Farley,” a Chicago Bears fan who bears a striking resemblance to the deceased comedian Chris Farley. Channelling the comedian himself, Farley’s kick was preceded by a hilarious routine in which he shotgunned a beer and exposed his belly to the crowd. His kick may not have succeeded but his routine served to entertain the crowd. Read more about the tailgating events of that day by reading Marcus “Mookie” Anderson’s account of that day, “Old School Tailgating 2000 SNF Road Trip to Chicago.”

When: November 8, 1999
What: Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys at the Metrodome

For Marcus, this game was particularly memorable not just because the Vikings beat the Cowboys by 10, but because it was unexpectedly warm that day, staying in the 70s all day. The warm weather combined with the Vikings victory created a jovial atmosphere for tailgaters. As Minnesotans are well aware, warm days are cherished, especially when they happen unexpectedly in cooler months.

When: August 5, 2000
What: Preseason game Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints at the Metrodome

Marcus brought his Packer-fan friends John Whalen and Paul Stihl to Vikings territory for their first ever Vikings preseason game. Decked out in Packers gear, both John and Paul received their fair share of heckling from Vikings fans that day, which was good naturedly returned. Despite the Vikings loss and Randy Moss’ injury during the game, it was a memorable game one for Marcus’ friends. Read Marcus’ full story, “Old School Tailgating 200 vs. Preseason New Orleans Saints.”

When: The first Vikings game of the season
What: Tailgating at the opening home game of the season

For Marcus, the first Vikings home game of the season is always the most highly anticipated and exciting. Summer temperatures combined with the optimism going into the first season seems to bring out the best in people.

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