MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When it comes to “consuming” things, we tend to think of what we eat and drink.

But, it’s not often that people think about how they consume what they put on their bodies. But a Minnesota company is focusing on that.

It’s called Intelligent Nutrients, and the flagship store just opened at Mall of America two weeks ago.

The founder Horst Rechelbacher is the man who started Aveda.

It’s a line of skin and haircare prodcuts that was created with the philosophy that everything you put in or on your body should be nutritious and safe.

One of the hair and skincare industry’s most prominent brands — Aveda — started right here in Minnesota.

After selling Aveda to Estee Lauder in the 90s for $300 million, founder Horst Rechelbacher is at it again in his 70s.

“I started a food suppliment company called Intelligent Nutrients,” he said. “When I sold Aveda to Estee Lauder they said we don’t want to get involved in food.”

While Intelligent Nutrients’ hair and skincare products are not made to eat, according to Intelligent Nutrients President Tyler Heiden Jones, you could.

“We have a strong philosophy on working in nature. Many of the ingredients are certified organic,” Jones said.

The product line includes ingestible vitamins, hair care, skin care, anti-aging products and aromas. Wendy Brockman works at the Mall of America store and explained how powerful scent can be.

“When you inhale something, it changes everything in your body,” she said.

The biofeedback machine tucked in the back corner will show you that. It measures your energy levels and indicates mood changes just from sniffing a scent.

“Our product line is evolving and we are students of that,” said Horst’s daughter, Nicole. “It’s really getting into the soil. That’s why the organic farm that my father has is such a big part of it.”

Rechelbacher owns a 600-acre organic farm in Osceola, WI where he develops each product. He launched Intelligent Nutrients from there after feeling pressure from his conscience.

“I was constantly questioning myself,” Horst said. “If you know something, not to do the right thing could be not good for your mindset.”

Aveda was partway there, using some but not all natural ingredients.

“I thought at that time that cosmetics would change,” said Rechelbacher. “When I started learning what the ingredients are and got smart about chemistry, I started opening up my eyes.”

That’s how Intelligent Nutrients is different.

“Don’t just think about what you should have done. It’s already over. Do something of what you should do now. That’s what I call being conscious of the now. What can we do today to make a difference,” Rechelbacher said.

So, Horst turned to the best chemist he knows: mother nature.

“What’s in it? Who’s making it? It’s mother nature. It’s right there,” said daughter Nicole.

Intelligent Nutrients has existed since 1992, but officially launched to market online and in select salons in 2008. The Mall of America store is the flagship, with new locations in places like Hong Kong, Italy, Germany and London. The next retail store will open this spring in Manhattan.