MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You don’t have to stop with just gingerbread this holiday season. There are many other ways to include ginger in your baked treats.

Racheal Perron, the culinary expert at Kowalski’s Market, shared with WCCO an easy way to add expand your ginger horizons.

With every bite of Perron’s chewy candied ginger cookies, you will get an intense taste of ginger. That’s because the spice in both the batter and in the icing that drizzled over them.

“I infused them with ginger flavor by adding ground ginger to the actual batter, the dough, and bits of candied ginger that I chopped up in the batter as well,” Perron said.

To get that ginger flavor in the icing, you have to add ginger simple syrup — which is made from boiling water, sugar and sliced ginger root together — to powdered sugar. Then drizzle that mixture over your cookies. (You can find the recipe for those below.)

“This is a great way to get that ginger flavor in there, and to get a lot of that ginger flavor in there,” Perron said. “There is no right or wrong way with drizzling. And for people who don’t like super sweet stuff, icing is nice. You could also omit it, it’s not required for these.”

You can find ginger in many forms in the grocery store: ground, candied and in the form of fresh ginger root. Increasingly, you will find it in other products on store shelves as well, like marinades and jams.

Here are the ginger recipes recommended by Kowalski’s: Chewy Candied Ginger Cookies, Ginger Icing and Ginger Simple Syrup.