ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – Winter weather tried to slow down another big shopping weekend, causing consumers to grab their umbrellas in December. With nine shopping days to go until Christmas, it’s fair to say that Mother Nature has terrible timing.

Stores along Grand Avenue in St. Paul want big business. Sue Katsiotis of Creative Kidstuff says the rush of shoppers came early.

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“Everyone’s rushing to get their packages wrapped and in the mail, so this is kind of the crunch weekend,” Katsiotis said. “They were hoping for beautiful weather this weekend to get out and shop, and unfortunately, today’s going to be another snowy day.”

Next door at Wuollet Bakery, employee Kyle Lyons is hopeful.

“I’ve seen a line out the door before,” Lyons said. “It seems to be going pretty good. I don’t think the rain really has affected us at all. Saturday’s are always pretty busy.”

Some shoppers, like Julie Swenson, didn’t bother to check the forecast before heading out.

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“We just jumped in the car and started driving and noticed ‘Oh my goodness – it’s getting pretty crummy!'” Swenson said.

For others like Stephen Stephens, the weather is why they ended up here.

“You know, I was going to go skiing today but the rain just kept me from doing that,” Stephens said.

Rain or shine, people still need presents.

“It’s not make-or-break. We’re lucky we had that extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year so people still have lots of time to shop,” Katsiotis said.

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Creative Kidstuff tells WCCO that when there’s weather like this, the online traffic really picks up.