MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sheriff’s department personnel in Chisago County are employing helicopters to aid in the search of 27-year-old Danielle Jelinek, missing since Dec. 8.

In fact, the rising temperatures coupled with recent rainfall may work in the searchers favor, melting back a thick blanket of white snow that has covered the search area around the home were Jelinek was last seen.

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Sheriff Rick Duncun says although he has called off the recent “mass” searches, involving hundreds of volunteers, a scaled back search will focus on the area immediately surrounding the house.

“The rain we have had has basically allowed the snow to go down just a little bit. Last night we had some air support up searching the area around the house and within a five-mile radius,” Duncun said.

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Sheriff Duncun put the blood evidence found at Jelinek’s ex-boyfriend Aaron Schnagl’s home into perspective saying in it was in such small quantities, it could be anyone’s.

“Every house has trace samples of blood. From cooking, working, grooming and this blood could be anybody’s. Also there was no sign of a struggle in the house, everything was in order,” he said.

Sheriff Duncun says the three prime pieces of evidence which ties Jelinek’s disappearance to the immediate area is the discovery of her cell phone, purse and shoes. Thirteen pounds of marijuana and drug paraphernalia found at the home is being tied only to an ongoing drug case against Schnagl, and not being connected with Jelinek’s disappearance.

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Schnagl is still in custody on the drug charges.