MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It happens only once in the regular season, the rival Green Bay Packers come to the Metrodome for a showdown against the Vikings.

With record crowds expected, the Vikings are warning fans to beware of counterfeit tickets. If you’re caught with a fake ticket in the stadium, you could be arrested.

The Minnesota Vikings say counterfeit tickets are sold two ways: (1) over the internet and (2) by scalpers near the stadium come game day.

Beware: These tickets look almost exactly like the real thing– with few exceptions, you need to know about.

A Highly Anticipated Game

Jeff Anderson, the Vikings’ director of communications, says he expects counterfeit tickets to make a big appearance this weekend.

“When you add in Adrian’s search for the rushing record and the playoffs in the balance, certainly this becomes an even higher profile event,” he said.

He’s hoping the Metrodome staff will be mindful of obvious and not-so-obvious errors on tickets.

“We’ve seen some crazy things,” Anderson said, “where even the stadium is wrong, where it may say Soldier Field, instead of Mall of America Field.”

He added: “Each ticket will have the number of that ticket, three times in red along the back.”

In addition to those numbers, Anderson advises fans to look closely at the fine black print on the back of the ticket to make sure it hasn’t been photo copied. If you purchase tickets online, look for a Better Business Bureau seal.

Another tip: Pay only with a credit card or through PayPal, so there’s a chance for recourse.

More Tips:

-If you buy through an online auction, choose a seller with a long history of satisfied customers.
-Cross-check the seat assignment and prices with a stadium map printed from Vikings.com.
-The only authorized ticket outlets are Vikings Ticket Office, Ticketmaster, and the NFL TicketExchange.
– Check with the Vikings Ticket Office or Mall of America Field ticket booths. They say, often times, the visiting team returns tickets the day of the game.

In Need Of A Hot Ticket?

We’ve heard that NFL TicketExchange had 500 tickets left as of Wednesday morning.


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