MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Vikings fans love watching their team beat the Packers. But a win this Sunday would be extra special.

The Vikings will be in the playoffs if they win. But if they lose, they will likely be going home.

But there is a lot of Purple Pride around the Twin Cities Friday night. Even the Lowry Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis was lit up in purple and gold in anticipation of the big game.

The Metrodome will be packed and for good reason. The Vikings were just 3-13 last year. Now they are on the verge of the playoffs. And with their biggest rival standing in the way, Vikings fans know it’s win or go home.

At the Vikings Locker Room at the Mall of America Friday, Purple Pride meant purple merchandise was flying off the shelves at a rate faster than an Adrian Peterson touchdown run.

Sales are busy Friday, and for the year they are up about 20 percent from last year, when the team was just 3-13. Hats, horns, jerseys, and jackets – it’s all about the Vikings. And if you want to go to Sunday’s game, but don’t have a ticket yet – good luck.

Michael Nowakowski, one of the owners of TicketKing, says this is the hottest Vikings ticket in years.

“We’ve been in business for 20 years at TicketKing. This is the most highly sought after Vikings regular season ticket that I’ve ever seen,” Nowakowski said.

He says ticket demand is almost comparable to the 1998 NFC Championship Game. It’s a perfect storm of rivalry and records. Adrian Peterson could break the single season rushing record. The Vikings win and they’re in the playoffs. And their biggest rival stands in the way – a team they’ve lost to five straight times.

Put it all together, and high stakes means high demand.

“Last year at this point the market was about $95 to get in. This year it is over $300 to get in the door,” Nowakowski said.

TicketKing says they actually have less than 100 tickets left, and they don’t foresee a problem selling them.

As for merchandise, the Vikings Locker Room should be even busier Saturday as this rivalry soars to new heights.


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