MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Inside the Metrodome Sunday afternoon, the atmosphere was electric. There was, after all, a lot on the line for both the Vikings and the Packers. In fitting fashion, the intense game came down to the final seconds.

Before the game, all the action is right outside Mall of America field. Crowds usually gather around Gate H, where fans can buy and sell tickets.

But the biggest Vikings game of the year required a big payout to watch in-person.

“Bad, bad, bad — $400-$500 a ticket,” said Zach Pollaid, as he waited to buy tickets.

“They’re asking way too much, right now,” said Joel Keith, who wanted to buy tickets to the game.

A $500 ticket didn’t get some fans into the stadium.

Several people fell victim to a counterfeit tickets scam, unaware their ticket wasn’t legit until they were turned away at the gate.

For those who did make it inside, the rivalry is both on the field and off.

“I’m the No. 1 Vikings fan ever,” said Jess Coyne.

“I’m a pretty big Packer fan,” said Heidi Garrido.

When purple pride sits shoulder-to-shoulder with green and gold, it makes one of the rowdiest games of the year.

“It’s crazy, it’s crazy. I’m losing my voice already and it’s only the second quarter,” said Coyne.

The border battle often requires extra security and the possibility of ending beer sales early.

But the close match-up kept problems to a minimum and beer sales stopped on schedule — after the third quarter.

All the attention was on the field, as thousands of fans watched the Vikings win 37-34.